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┬┐What is SODIUM Developer Kit?

We have designed SODIUM Developer Kit (SDK) as a development environment that contains all the necessary tools and programs already installed and configured for compiling and running SODIUM.

Downloads SDK

Important: All passwords in SDK as defined as: "sodium"


- Provide our students a the possibility of starting working on the devleopment of an operating system right away without having to dedicate time and effort configuring the environment for themselves.

- Introduce our students to useful tools that, in general, were not exploited:

  • Software versioning tools (SVN)
  • Navigating, editing, and transfering files from/to a Windows host (Samba)
  • Virtualization/Emulation Software (VMware, VirtualBox, Bochs)

- Reduce the errors produced by an incorrect environment configuration.

- Allow for a better collaboration between students by providing a unified platform from which the only diffences will be on code, not on environment.

- Allow the professors follow the advances of the alumni, in order to provide assistance and respond questions about the assignments.

Technical Details

Sodium Developer Kit is built upon an installation of Ubuntu 11.10, and its distributed to our alumni in the form of a VMWare Virtual Machine. It is recommended that the host machine provides at least these minimal requirements.

  • 1 GB of available memory..
  • A Processor with 2 or more cores and support for virtualization.