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About the Demo

This is a reduced version of SODIUM that can be used from a web browser that doesn't require any installation. This is possible thanks to the usage of a java-programmed x86 emulator that can be embedded within a webpage. In this case, we are using an x86 emulator developed by researchers from the Oxford University:

JPC, the fast pure Java™ x86 PC emulator

However, since JPC presents only a limited functionality for emulating Protected Mode (32-bits) code, this version of SODIUM had to be reduced to its minimal features. In order to use the full version of SODIUM, please download its bootable image from the downloads page, or compile an image and install it onto a physical device. The available commands for this web version are shown below:

$ help - Shows the available demo commands
$ ps - Shows the active processes (ring 3)
$ ls - Shows a list of files present in the floppy disk
$ cls - Cleans the screen