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Source Code

SODIUM's source code is free to be downloaded and used by anyone interested in the study of operating systems. It can be used by professors/students/universities as a base to develop their own operating systems. Furthermore, any collaboration in the development of SODIUM is highly welcome.

The only requisite for reusing SODIUM's code is to add the proper credit to our research group in the destination code, and a link to our webpage:

The developers of SODIUM do not authorize the use of SODIUM's code for non-educational nor academic purposes in part or in whole. Any use of SODIUM for commercial purposes is forbidden without a written authorization of its developers.

SODIUM is developed using a public access Subversion (SVN) server hosted at the following link:

  SODIUM - Official Trunk:

We also developing other side projects, such as:

  MBUM - Multi-Bootloader of the Universidad Nacional de La Matanza


  Fantasy - SODIUM Graphical User Interface


  LibInit16 - Standard 16-bit Library for Real-Mode boot menu